Richard of Devizes

Richard of Devizes, the author of the Chronicon de Rebus Gestis Ricardi firimi, regis Anglice, was monk of the priory of St. Swithin at Winchester. Hardly anything is known as to the details of his life. His chronicle which extends from Richard's coronation to the end of the Third Crusade, is a short but very valuable account of this king's reign. His narrative of crusading matters preserves a few facts that are told by no other English historian ; unfortunately, however, he is very fond of rhetorical embellishments, such as the long speeches he puts into the mouths of his heroes. There is an air of stagey romance in this pait of his work which, perhaps unjustly, causes the reader to distrust his authority wherever it is not confirmed by other evidence. The Chronicon was most likely written before the king's death ; and possibly, unless it be unfinished, before the king's return from captivity.


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