Other Letters from the Crusaders

This is a list of other Letters from the Crusaders:

- 1098. (July.) Letter from Bohemond, Godfrey, Raymond, and Hugh the Great to all Christians.

- 1098. (Sept. ix.) Letter of the principal Crusaders to Pope Urban II.

- 1187. Letter of Terricius, Master of the Temple, to all Commanders and Brethren of the Temple.

- 1188. Letter of Conrad, son of the Marquis of Mont-Ferrat, to Baldwin, Archbishop of Canterbury.

- 1088. Letter of Patriarch of Antioch to Henry II., King of England.

- 1188. Letter of Terricius to Henry II., King of England.

- 1188. Letter of Frederic I. to Saladin.

- 1190. (Oct. 21.) Letter from Archbishop Baldwin's Chaplain to his Consent at Canterbury

- 1191. (Oct. 1.) Letter of Richard I. from Joppa to N., his subject.

- 1191. (Oct. 1.) Letter of Richard I. from Joppa to Abbot of Clairvaux.

- 1191. (About Oct. 17.) Letter of Richard I. to Saladin.

- 1191. Letter of Richard I. to Walter, Archbishop of Rouen.

- 1201. Letter of Master of the Hospital at Jerusalem to the Prior and his Brethren throughout England.

- 1220. Letter of Peter de Montacute, Master of the Temple, to A. Martel, Preceptor in England.

- 1221. Letter of Peter de Montacute to the Bishop of Elimenum.

- 1222. Letter of P. de Albeney to the Earl of Chester and Lincoln.

- 1227. Letter of Qerald, Patriarch of Jerusalem, and Others, to all Christians.

- 1237. Letter of Philip, Prior of the Brotherhood of Preachers, to Pope Gregory IX.

- 1240. Letter of Hermann of Perigord, Master of the Knights of the Temple, to Master Robert Sanford, Preceptor of the House of the said Knights in England.

- 1244. Letter of Same to Same.

- 1244. Letter of Brother Q. of Newcastle to M. de Merlaye.

- 1244. Letter of Robert, Patriarch of Jerusalem, to all Christians.

- 1249. Letter of Robert, Count of Arras [d'Artois] to Blanche, Queen of France.

- 1249. Letter of William de Sonnac, Master of the Soldiery of the Temple, to Master Robert Sanford.

- 1250. Letter to Earl Richard.

- 1250. Letter of John, his Chancellor, to Richard, Earl of Cornwall.

- 1250. (August.) Letter of St. Louis to his Subjects.

- 1252. (May 2.) Letter of Joseph of Cancy, Treasurer of the House of the Hospital of Jerusalem, at Acre, to Walter of St. Martin's.

- 1252. Letter of William of Orleans to Richard, Bishop of Chichester.

- 1281. Letter from Sir Joseph de Cancy, Knight of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, to King Edward I.


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