Abu El-Faraj (1226–1286) ابن العبري

Abu El-Faraj (ابن العبري) or Gregory Bar Hebraeus (Abulpharagius, or Bar-Hebrseus, Bishop of Aleppo, a Jew by descent, was bora at Malatia (Melitene), in Armenia. At the age of twenty he was consecrated Bishop of Gaba. Later in life he was appointed to the See of Aleppo, and in 1266 he became Primate of the Eastern Jacobites. He died in 1286, One of the most learned men of his age, Abulpharagius wrote a History of the World from the Creation in Syriac and in Arabic. The value of his works as they reach his own time is very considerable. They have been translated into Latin by Dr. Pococke (Oxford 1663), and partly by Bruns and Kirsch. The quotations in the text are from the latter.


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