A History of Deeds Done Beyond The Sea

Book Title: "A history of deeds done beyond the sea" : by William of Tyre ; interpreted and commented by Emily Atwater Babcock and A. C. Krey.

Book Author: William, of Tyre "Archbishop of Tyre (1130 -1190); August Charles, Krey, 1887-1961; Babcock, Emily Atwater

A history of deeds done beyond the sea : by William, archbishop of Tyre ; interpreted and footnoted by Emily Atwater Babcock and A. C. Krey.

William, the Archbishop of Tyre, ca. 1130-ca. 1190, Krey, August C. (August Charles), 1887-1961, Babcock, Emily Atwater

New York City: Columbia University Press 1943.


"The edition of William's history applied as the base of this translation is that developed by A. Beugnot and A. Le Prevost for the French academy ... The award translation has been done by Mrs. Babcock."--Introd., v. 1, p. 44.

Transformation of: Historia rerum in partibus transmarinis gestarum.

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Volume One:


BOOK 1. Christianity Aroused for the Relief of Jerusalem: Peter the Hermit and Other Bands Begin the March

BOOK 2. The Armies of the First Crusade Proceed to Constantinople

BOOK 3. Capture of Nicaea and the March through Asia Minor

BOOK 4. Crusaders Overrun Northern Syria and Begin Siege of Antioch

BOOK 5. Siege and Capture of Antioch

BOOK 6. Crusaders Besieged; A Miraculous Victory

BOOK 7. Dissension among the Crusaders; They March on Jerusalem

BOOK 8. End of the Pilgrimage: Jerusalem Captured

BOOK 9. Godfrey, Defender of the Holy Sepulchre: Precarious Tenure of Jerusalem and Antioch

BOOK 10. King Baldwin I: Expansion of the Kingdom

BOOK 11. End of the Reign of Baldwin I: Further Conquests by Jerusalem and Antioch

BOOK 12. Baldwin II: Troubles in Northern Syria

Volume Two:


BOOK 13. Capture of Tyre; Extension of Royal Influence to Other Latin States

BOOK 14. Fulk of Anjou as King of Jerusalem: Troubles in Northern Syria

BOOK 15. Emperor John Seeks to Extend His Influence Over the Latin States

BOOK 16. Joint Rule of Baldwin III and His Mother Melisend: The Second Crusade

BOOK 17. The Capture of Ascalon Offsets the Failure of the Second Crusade

BOOK 18. Latin Jerusalem at Its Height Under Baldwin III: The Lure of Egypt

BOOK 19. Amaury I: The Struggle for Egypt, First Stage

BOOK 20. The Struggle for Egypt: Alliance with Emperor Manuel

BOOK 21. Baldwin IV, The Leper, Forced to Assume Rule of Jerusalem

BOOK 22. Conflict of Interests

BOOK 23. Could Jerusalem Be Saved by Raymond of Tripoli?

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