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Routes of the French and German armies in the Second Crusade

The second crusade was in answer to the fall of Edessa in 1144. Its aspiration was St Bernard who in 1146 persuaded both Louis VII of France and the German Emperor Conrad III to enter. The road picked out was through Hungary and crosswise the Balkans. The Germans arrived at Constantinople in September 1147 and the French came in October. The Germans were arrested by the Turks near Dorylaion and connected up with the French who were bordering down the west coast of Asia Minor.

Routes of the French and German armies in the Second Crusade

Conrad fell ill and came back to Constantinople, where he took ship to Palestine. Louis agitated his way to Attaleia, wherefrom he was ferried by the Byzantines to Antioch. Damascus was elect as the destination of the crusade. A brief besieging (24–28 July 1148) broke up in disarray. As a participant ascertained, ‘if it brought no worldly achiever, it was good for the redemption of many souls’. Assorted with this crusade were an English outing which appropriated Lisbon from the Muslims (October 1147) and a Saxon campaign crosswise the Elbe versus the Slavic Wends.

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