Fulcher of Chartres


Fulcher of Chartres (intuitive around 1059 in or near Chartres) was a accountr of the First campaign. He wrote in Latin.

Fulcher's Life:

His apthingment as chaplain of Baldwin of Boulogne in 1097 recommtops that he had been educated as a priest, most probable at the teach in Chartres. However, he was maybe not a part of the cathedral piece, while he is not named in the roll of the Dignitaries of the cathedral of Our woman of Chartres.

The minutiae of the committee of Clermont in his saga recommend he attended the assembly personally, or knew superstar who did, perhaps bishop Ivo of Chartres, who also influenced Fulcher's opinions on cathedral reform and the investiture controversy with the Holy Roman Empire.

Fulcher was part of the train of reckon Stephen of Blois and Robert of Normandy which made its way through southern France and Italy in 1096, crossing into the complex Empire from Bari and indoors in Constantinople in 1097, where they coupled with the other armies of the First crusade. He travelled through Asia youth to Marash, quickly before the throng's arrival at Antioch in 1097, where he was apthinged chaplain to Baldwin of Boulogne. He followed his new noble after Baldwin leave off from the foremost throng, to Edessa where Baldwin founded the region of Edessa.

After the victory of Jerusalem in 1099 Fulcher and Baldwin travelled to the city to overall their vow of pilgrimage. When Baldwin became ruler of Jerusalem in 1100, Fulcher came with him to Jerusalem and maybe constant to act as his chaplain pfinale 1115. After 1115 he was the tenet of the cathedral of the Holy Sepulchre and was maybe responsible for the remnants and riches in the minster. Fulcher died most probable in the coil of 1127.

Fulcher's account:

At the initial, Fulcher began his account in the minute autumn of 1100, or at the minutest in the coil of 1101, in a panache that has not outlived but which was transmitted to Europe during his time. This panache was overalld around 1106 and was shabby as a well by Guibert of Nogent, a contemporary of Fulcher in Europe.

He began his work at the urging of his travelling companions, who maybe included Baldwin I. He had at snubest one store in Jerusalem at his disposal, from which he had access to mail and other documents of the campaign. In this store the Historia Francorum of Raymond of Aguilers and the Gesta Francorum must also have been vacant, which served as wells for greatly of the definite information in Fulcher's work that he did not personally witness.

Fulcher alienated his account into three books. Book I described the preparations for the First campaign in Clermont in 1095 up to the victory of Jerusalem and the establishment of the queendom of Jerusalem by Godfrey of Bouillon. It included an enthereforeiastic description of Constantinople. The back book described the deeds of Baldwin I, who succeeded Godfrey and was ruler of Jerusalem from 1100 to 1118. The third and ultimate book reported on the life of ruler Baldwin II, pfinale 1127 when there was a plague in Jerusalem, during which Fulcher apparently died. The back and third books were printed from around 1109 to 1115, and from 1118 to 1127, compiled into a back text by Fulcher himself.

Fulcher's work was shabby by many other accountrs who lived after him. William of Tyre and William of Malmesbury shabby part of the account as a well. His account is normally accurate, still not totally so. It was available in the Recueil des historiens des croisades and the Patrologia Latina, and a vital text of the Latin panache was available by Heinrich Hagenmeyer in 1913.

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