Between 1010 BCE and 1010 AD to 2010 AD

Today is the first day in 2010 AD. What about the past millennium.

The Year 1010 AD:

Famous Events:

In the year 1010 AD The Great Geographical Firdawsi, a Persian poet, accomplished the Book of Kings or (the Shanameh). It is an great of more than 50000 alliterative couples weaving the history of ancient Persian Kings or (shahs) with legend and myth.

Attack the Viking: In the year 1010 Scotland King Malcolm II (55 years old king) attacked The Viking at the Battle of Mortlach close to what later will be named the Giant's Chair; the North Men (the Danes) kill Kenneth, thane of the Isles; Dunbar, thane of Laudian and Graeme, thane of Strathern, but Malcolm finally persists, massacring the foe after throwing the Norwegian or Danish common Enetus from his horse by some chronicles and strangling him.

In the same year, 1010, The city of Yaroslavl is told to have been constituted.

During 1009 and 1010, the Ly Dynasty is recognized in Vietnam (or 1009) and displaces the country capital to Hanoi.

Hisham II the Umayyad is restored as Umayyad caliph of Cordoba, following Suleiman II.

Famous Birthdays:

In May 1010, Ansfried, 9th bishop of Utrecht about (995-1010) saint, gives out at about 69.

The Year 1010 BCE:

Famous Events:

Back to the year 1010 BCE, King David overcome the Jebusites in Jerusalem and determined to make the city his great capital. When he bestowed the Ark of the Compact to the city, he exposed the Twelve Tribes of the spiritual origin of their power and concentrated it in his own hands.

Samuel was born in Mount Ephraim. He was of the folk of Levi. His father called Elcana and his mother was Anna. Elcana had 2 wives, Phenenna and Anna. Phenenna had some kids, but Anna did not have any kids. Elcana with his totally family went to adore God at Silo where there was a priest of the Lord Heli and his two boys, Phinees and Ophni. The Lord had stimulated Anna sterile, and her equal afflicted her to envenom her. She implored to God and God commemorate her. She gave birth to a son whom she called Samuel. She provided him to God in singing the third of the Early Testament's canticles: "My heart beaten for pleasure in God..." The child raised in age and height. He served God and went a special prophet. Getting aroused God's wrath, Heli and his two sons were broken by the Lord's wrath. Samuel judged Israel all the days of his life and never took gifts. He annointed Saul and David as Kings of Israel, and died out at a very old age at the last years of Saul's rule, around the year 1010 before Our Lord Birth.

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