Battle of Dorylaeum

Dorylaeum (in Anatolia) was an ancient city. It is nowadays in ruins close the city of Eskisehir, in Turkey.

The city endured under the Phrygians but may have been much earlier. It was a Roman trading place, and a bishopric under the byzantiums. In 1071 (After the Battle of Manzikert) it was taken by the Seljuk.

Dorylaeum Location

Battle throughout the First Crusade that near ended in disaster for the crusaders. The Crusade was crossroad the inside of Anatolia, missing by the byzantine empire after the battle of Manzikert in 1071, in 2 separate pillars, almost disastrously far aside, with no general command. Furthermore, the terrain, a advanced plateau, was almost clear for the bright Turkish ridden archers, making it almost bitter for the Crusaders to take them. Around an hour into their marching on 1 July the left hand column under leading Bohemond found a Turkish forces, and formed up to fighting. However, before the Crusaders were full formed up, they were rounded and attacked from all faces by the whole army of Kilij Arslan, Seljuk (Sultan of Rum), likely 50,000 strong, although reported by the Crusaders at anywhere from 150,000 to 350,000. The entire Turkish army comprised of mounted archers, who attacked in swarms, without getting close to the Crusaders. Bohemond was unable to hold the Crusaders, some of whom charged out to attack the Turks, but were slaughtered. Over some hours of fighting, the Crusaders were pushed back into their camp, and it looked that they were needs going to be passed over. Fortunately, messengers had passed to the second column, and when Duke Godfrey came on the view, he found the Turks crowded in to a limited area around Bohemond's camp. He was thus capable to charge a lot of Turks, doing essential damage to the Turkish left and center. The morale of the Turkish regular army passed at this unexpected turn, and the people of the Turkish army flew the field. The second column had came just in time to forbid really heavy fatal accidents amongst Bohemond's column, and Kilij Arslan was unable to dispute the Crusaders over again, letting them free passage crosswise Anatolia. Even better, they managed to get the Turkish camp entire, and for a short period were free of supplying troubles.

The byzantine emperor (Manuel I) fortified Dorylaeum in 1175, but the Turks retaken it in 1176 afterwards the Battle of Myriokephalon. In 1240 it was captured by the Ottomans forces.