Richard Lion Heart

Richard the lion heart or Coeur de Lion or Heart of a Lion, That is the title which given to king Richard I the King of England. He was the third leaders of the Third Crusade. Richard consider one of the most famous men at that period. Richard fame spread into the East before his arrive there. For all that, the failure of the third Crusade, and Richard's capture later, Richard maintained his famous and title (Heart of lion). With his capability in the battle, Richard had the title of the ideal knight. Although all of that, Richard lacked the true methods to run a kingdom. Some revolts happened during his reign resulted to his absence in the East during the third crusade and his capture in Austria. The money for the third crusade and the ransom of his capture drained the wealth of the country, which lead to kind of inflate. Although the efforts of Richard, we can say that he was a failer ruler to the kingdom.

During his journey in the East, Richard managed to humbling to the Duke of Austria, leader of the army of German. That becusae in Acre, the Duke of Austria believed he was of equal to standing with the Kings of France and England, and he equal himself and set beside Richard, and with that the English soldiers takeen him down and hurled the duke into the fosse. Whether this event happened by the order of king Richard or by other English men. With any way, The Duke didn't forget this insult for the King of England. So when Richard travelled from the holy land through the land of the Duke, he was captured Richard and imprisoned him. later and after Several months he was handed over to Henry VI the emperor of German, who moved Richard around the country in various castles. With that the life Richard was example for the poets.

After the return to England, Richard lead some battles against the King of France, to feel with the victory which he couldn'y achieve in the East. Richard had built the castle of Chateau Gaillard in France to protect county of Rouen and to become a base in Europe. The cost was very high, but the result was wonderful. Combining his knowledge of siegecraft with the strongholds of the East, Richard had built the most "remarkable" fortress of the period. (Hallam p 250) When Philip heard of the castle through stunned reports from his messengers, he replied it would not last. Richard, on hearing this comment cried: "By God's throat!...if yon castle were built of neither iron, nor stone, but wholly of butter, I would without hesitation undertake to hold it securely against him and all his forces." (Norgate 1924, p 82) This boast outlines Richard's character well, a belief that he was invincible.