Zimmern Chronicle or Zimmerische Chronik

The zimmern chronicle written in early new high german by count of Zimmern and lord of Wildenstein (Froben Christoph) [1519-1566]. In this chronicle the writer treat with the history of his family from the age of roman republic up to the sixteen century.

The Zimmern family had been spent a happy days, and with the early modern period it was threatened with fall down because the age of the nobility and the sources of their economic was finished.

Through the colorful family histories and rich detail of the Zimmern Chronicle, historian Judith Hurwich examines marriage, family, and sexuality among the early modern German nobility. She uses the house chronicles of the Zimmern family and the families of the counts and barons with whom they intermarried, to investigate marriage and nonmarital sexuality in the southwest German nobility in the late fi fteenth and the sixteenth centuries. Along with a deeper look at women’s roles as wives, mothers, and concubines, Noble Strategies shines a light on the intimate lives of the early modern German elite.

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An insightful close reading of the sixteenth-century Zimmern Chronicle that provides us with a valuable insider’s perspective on virtually every aspect of noble marriage, from courtship to marital breakdown.

Alan Murray on the First Crusade, his demolition of the Chronicle of Zimmern as a source for that expedition is particularly brilliant

Alan Murray, The Chronicle of Zimmern as a source for the First Crusade, in The First Crusade. Origins and Impact by Jonathan Phillips (Manchester University Press in 1997), from page 78 to page 106. More about Zimmern chronicle

Zimmern chronicle available to read and download here

RHGF, Recueil des historiens des Gaules et de la France

The great work of the international liberary of France [Gallica] to publish that huge book which include the most works of french historians in the middle age.

Any student in high education should be use RHGF exactly in the field of the crusades.

Recueil des historiens des Gaules et de la France, continued by various hands, 23 vols., Paris, 1738-1776.

RHGF available from Gallica where You can download RHGF.